Public Identity and Presence

It's more than just selling a message or a product. To create a voice of reason, we develop innovative techniques to suit each individual client. A personalized strategy that serves our clients' specific business and marketing requirements. Our proven record of success does the talking at this stage.

Services that provide solutions

We are results oriented. Be it newspaper, TV, radio or magazine, we have the capability to provide results. We consider the right time, right place to do things.

Talking to the media is a skill that demands more than just communicating your messages. You may be required to convince journalists as to why they should listen to you and what makes your voice unique? Our role is to ensure that the essential key messages are emphasized to deliver significant PR and media impact.

It's not just about adopting some routine technique - we think differently before approaching the channels, platforms for communication.

The voice of reason must be carefully crafted and convincing your audience is not just about bedazzling them with glamour and glitz.All that jazz may received a few claps, but what about the critics? What if the voice of the critics become louder and louder?

When the curtain goes down, there are those who will start to ponder. If this company's product or service is so good, why then do they do this or that?

Questions needs to be answered, and it is our role to answer these questions intelligently and transparently -  to pre-empt what the audience - be it the public or the media - is thinking. To convince all sides that our client's image is intact by reinforcing awareness and reputation. 

Our role is to position and build our client's name or brand through a media relations programme by launching a series of PR deliverables and initiatives.  


We employ specialized services including:

• Media relations
• Media Measurement & Analysis
• Community Relations and Consultation
• Multicultural and multi-religious communications
• Strategic Communications
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Corporate Brand Building
• Blogging
• Speaking opportunities/platforms
• Issues and Crisis Management
• Public Affairs
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• PR Event Management
• Internal and Employee Communication
• Non-traditional public relations
• Speaking opportunities
• Media Training
• Editorial Services

We tell your story through tenacious media relations, which includes national and regional print and broadcast media, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and Internet.
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